Change is the Only Constant


Taijiquan or Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art that emphasizes softness rather than muscular strength. It is practiced in a slow and continuous way. Concentration on the breath allows the mind and body to unite, resulting in a deep state of relaxation. All movements originate in the tantien, a low centre of gravity below the bellybutton. By rotation, it produces spiral energy, which is directed through the body and limbs by the mind (Yi). In Chen style taijiquan, once a sufficient level of co-ordination is achieved, explosive power (jin) can be developed.

Taijiquan can be practiced by
Badao Taijiquanclean
everyone, irrespective of their physical or mental health. Teaching methods are adapted to individual needs. Those who are fitter can practice with ower stances, whereas those who are not, can practice with higher stances or even use a chair.