Change is the Only Constant

Qigong History

Qigong, as a term, was adopted in 1953 by Liu Guizhen but its origins go back about 5000 years. Its roots are firmly planted in many older systems such as:
Daoyin (guiding the Qi), Zuochan (sitting meditation), and Yangshen (nourishing the Spirit).

With this in mind, Qigong’s origins are suggested by Laozi, patriarch of Daoism (4BC) when he states:

“Empty the heart, fill the abdomen”.

Similary Zhuanzi (4BC) also writes:
“to blow out and breathe in slowly, to inhale
and exhale, to puff out the old breaths and
draw in the new, practicing bear-hanging and
bird-stretching, longevity is the only concern.”

These breathing
Badao Qi Gongclean
exercises have been refined by Daoists, Buddhists, Confucians, doctors and martial artists. Each group refined their practice depending on their specific aims. This has lead to the many styles of practice.