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Julia Smith

Julia has dedicated over 30 years of study to Chinese martial arts and the Eastern pracitces of traditional medicine. She is able to synthesise all these approaches and offer unique support to every client - either through preventiative lifestyle advice or healing.

Fully qualified and insured.

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Julia began training with Master Wen Linjun in 1993, studying Wushu, Shaolin, Taiji Quan, SanDa, Bagua Zhang and Qigong.

Joining The Taiji Circle in 2003 Julia continued her Taijiquan and Qigong studies with Shifu Liu Quan Jun (20th generation, Chen).

In 2006 Julia travelled to ChenJiaGou, China, to study with Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang (19th Generation Chen). This was followed by a visit to Kunming, China, receiving instruction in Sha GuoZheng’s Bagua Zhang form from Master Sha Jing Jie and his wife, Master Bing Li. Julia returned to ChenJiaGou in 2011 to study with Master Chen Bing (20th Generation Chen).

After studying with Master Gianna Sabatelli (20th Generation Chen) of Il Campo Del Cinabro for many years, Julia completed her Taijiquan teaching training course in 2019.

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Taijiquan & Bagua Zhang Teacher Training Diploma

San Ling Wushu College

Ying Hard Qigong

Taiji Circle

DaBei Teacher Training Course

Taiji Circle

Chen Taijiquan Teacher Training Diploma

UISP, The Italian Union of Sport for All

4th level Chinese Wushu Duan wei

Chinese Wushu Association


A Founding Member of The Wushu Circle

UISP: The Italian Union of Sport for All

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1996: Sanling Wushu College.

2 Gold Medals

2007: Seni Open European Wushu Competition.

Open 42 Sword form: Silver Medal

2009: 21st Festival of Chinese Martial Arts & British Open Tai Chi Championships

Open Tai Chi Sword form Class: Gold Open Ladies Internal Weapons forms: Bronze

2008: British Council for Chinese Martial Arts National Competitions

Head Judge


In 2001 Julia enrolled into a Bsc. (hons) Acupuncture course at LCTA and after completing this, travelled to China for a 4 Month practical Tuina (medical massage) apprenticeship at Yunnan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kunming. In 2015 she enrolled into a herbal diploma at CICM where she completed year 1. She completed her clinical Jing Fang Apprenticeship in 2018. Julia continues to develop her skills by attending postgrad workshops in various aspects Chinese medicine.

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2004: Bsc. (hons) Acupuncture. Portsmouth University

2004: Lic.Ac Acupuncture. London College of Traditional Acupuncture

2005: 4 Months practical apprenticeship at Yunnan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kunming, China

2015: 1st year Herbal Medicine Course CICM

2018: Licentiate Jing Feng Classical Herbal Apprentiship

Member of The British Acupuncture Council

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