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Badao Spanish Retreat

BaDao Hermitage is emerging from a derelict olive and almond farm nestled in the Cardo Mountain range of Catalonia, Spain. We are creating a space in which we will be able to allow ourselves to settle into stillness.

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BaDao is an emerging community where the ancient Chinese Philosophy of Daoism will be assimilated into daily life through the practice of simplicity. By living in harmony with our natural surroundings and with each other, we may return to a state of wholeness and balance. Through stillness, tranquility and clarity our own true nature may arise. By realising this nature we may live with Ziran - being ‘naturally-just-so'.

We are a social enterprise that aims to live in a self-sustaining way. Our aim is to provide a nourishing and supportive environment in which we can live with Ziran.

Future Plans

We hope to offer workshops and seminars by resident and visiting teachers. Most of these activities will embrace the 8 pathways of BaDao. The hermitage is not exclusively Daoist and is open to all. Alternative groups are welcome to hire the space and organise their own activities. Individuals such as meditators, writers, artists, walkers or martial artists may wish to visit in order to follow their own paths. We have no fixed plans as to how we are going to run this hermitage. Its development is organic and flexible. It will be shaped by those who get involved. All we ask is that you respect yourself, others and the environment whilst you are here.

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Mas de la Roca