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Qigong is a traditional cultivation practice that can be translated as ‘breath’ or ‘energy work’. It is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that works with the Qi to achieve good health and longevity. Many of the Qigong systems include set sequences of postures - some static, some moving. Particular attention is paid to the breath and allowing the mind to settle. When our mental activity slows down, our minds and bodies relax and unite, generating the smooth flow of Qi.

Some forms use visualization and/or concentration on specific energy centres, thereby increasing our body awareness. The main aims of Qigong are to unite the mind/body, by cultivating and circulating Qi.

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We offer instruction in DaBei Qigong. DaBei means Great Love and emphasises the healing aspect of practice.


We now offer one to one or small gruop lessons via video conferencing call.

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